A laboratory for 100%
natural dietary supplements

Development areas

At Ynsadiet the work is divided into several development areas, so that each section is a link in the production chain, whereby maximum quality is achieved in each and every one of our products.

Quality control
R&D+I plans and develops formulas that place us in the lead in innovation for health food products and dietary supplements

Our R&D+i department plans, develops and obtains innovative formulas that are overseen by the technical team that comprises our own Quality Control Division. Ynsadiet applies a Quality Assurance System that complies with the principles of European Union’s Good Manufacturing Practices, in addition to the Auto-control Systems contained in the HACCP Principles. Both sets of standards are applied to all stages of the food production chain.

YNSADIET has an internal quality control laboratory that is authorised by the Community of Madrid (RegisLabo 108AB/M) to perform analysis controls (physical-chemical-microbiological), thus guaranteeing the quality and safety of newly formulated products.

We offer conventional and organic food, in various formats

Ynsadiet has a wide variety of rooms and machinery that enable us to cover market demands. We manufacture various formats focusing both on conventional and organic nutrition.

Every stage of the process is operated and overseen by a team of professionals who apply strict controls to prevent cross-contamination or anomalies in the packaging, thus ensuring the quality of each product that is launched in the market.

Our dietary supplements are manufactured in clean rooms

We have rooms that are designed to minimise contamination levels. To this end, the following parameters are controlled: airborne particulates, temperature, humidity, air flow, internal air pressure and lighting… This reduces the risk of product contamination, providing end consumers with food products of maximum quality and safety.

We manufacture top quality natural cosmetics

We have a weighing chamber, a chemical reactor and a stirrer to manufacture our cosmetics, which allow us to obtain more dense products such as creams or gels. They all follow an in-depth protocol of Good Handling Practices.

The cosmetics storage and manufacture area is fully independent, as it is regulated by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices.

Quality control
Our work is based on a consolidated commitment to ongoing innovation and maximum quality in each and every one of the manufacture processes for our products

To this end, YNSADIET has an internal quality control laboratory that is authorised by the Community of Madrid (RegisLabo 108AB/M) to perform analysis controls (physical chemical-microbiological), thus guaranteeing the quality and safety of the manufactured products.

All of the raw materials and the products manufactured by YNSADIET are controlled by the manufacture operators, by quality control technicians who are based beside the production lines, and lastly they are analysed by the laboratory. By performing three independent controls, we reduce the risk of incidents and we increase consumer confidence in our products.

YNSADIET aims to achieve an ongoing improvement process, with special attention to increasing market competitiveness by improving the quality and safety of our products.

We ship to the entire national territory within 48 hours

In order to optimise and provide efficient logistics for all of our national clients, we have implemented the following control stages:

  1. Preparation of products for shipment.
  2. Daily distribution of the products through our logistics partners.
  3. Product delivery within 24 to 48 hours.


production rooms
latest-generation machines
over 1.500 products
m2 warehouse

We have a second production centre in Illescas, Toledo (SPAIN).

Logistics centre and supply centre for La Ventana Natural franchisees, with over 4,000 references.