Cápsulas naturales Ynsadiet2
La Ventana Natural

La Ventana Natural franchise network is located throughout Spain. You will find an extensive product catalogue to care for your health and wellbeing.

Cápsulas naturales Ynsadiet2

We offer all of the products of our exclusive PHYTOGREEN brand, formulated with top quality, natural and efficient ingredients.

In addition to our products, you will also find all of the services we offer for treatments.


Our franchise model

Laboratorios Ynsadiet offers two 100% healthy and guaranteed to succeed business concepts.

  • La Ventana Natural, specialised stores for consumers who care about their health and want to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • La Ventana Natural Market offers all specialities related to health food, dietary supplements and associated activities. An evolved concept that maximises and optimises business operations globally, reaching a public with a holistic view of health and food.



(Distribuidor) Nutriox/Dietasol

This is a system in two stages: firstly, the body composition is measured thanks to TANITA…

(Distribuidor) Balance Sport Diet
Balance Sport Diet

The increasing interest in sports and a healthy lifestyle led Ynsadiet, with the collaboration of Laboratorios BioInnove…

(Distribuidor) CeluliTest

Cellulite has become one of today’s main aesthetic concerns, due to our sedentary lifestyle….

(Distribuidor) Food Intolerance Testing
Food Intolerance Testing

The Vitalonutri® Food Test by Laboratorios Ynsadiet analyses over 600 foods from the various groups of the food pyramid…